Grumble Bee EP #2, 'Everything Between' - mixed & mastered specifically for vinyl. Stamped on 140g (feels 150g) weighted vinyl, from DMM (Direct Metal Masters). Comes in 2 marbled colour-ways; 'Marble Forest Green (Turquoise/Green/Black)' + 'Translucent Sun Orange (Orange, White, Marbled Red)'.



Side A - Band (Alt/Rock)

  1. Red
  2. Heron
  3. Bravest Soul
  4. Luna Blue


Side B - Acoustic (Acoustic guitar & piano alt versions)

  1. Soft Filter, Black & White Picture
  2. Bravest Soul
  3. Francium
  4. Heron


Each purchase will be packaged well as the items are fragile + will come with a couple of options of digital files (upon release), including remixed & remastered Digital versions of the full EP (Commerical level), as well as the Vinyl versions (No limiting, some alternative processing & generally quieter). For anyone interested in the process between vinyl & digital, feel free to download these & turn them up!

'Everything Between' Vinyl

Vinyl Colours
  • Vinyl is very susceptible to dust/dirt, which will affect playback. To minimise audible clicks & pops, make use of the vinyl sleeve and store in the case.


    Always check the weight/balance of your needle to also prevent and jumps and/or scratches inflicted onto the vinyl itself.