Fully customised sublimation T-Shirt, 2-sided print featuring characters from the animation music video for "Bravest Soul". Printed on an unbranded unique shirt, 65% cotton 35% polyester, with custom labelling "Bee Brave". Also printed in limited edition kids age 7 sizing.


Artwork by John Howe, arranged by Jack


Please be aware, due to the nature of the each item being cut & sewn by hand, there may be slight differences in the neck opening. Roughly follows typical Gildan sizing chart as below; 


Youth Small (7 Years) 

Small - 46cm x 71cm

Medium - 51cm x 74cm

Large - 56cm x 77cm

XL - 61cm x 79cm

2XL - 66cm x 83cm

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Photography - ©GrumbleBeeUK

Super hot models wearing; Male - Large - Female - Medium

Bee Brave