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I'm Jack, from Walsden, North West England (UK). I have 3 ducks called Douglas, Doris & Daphne & a husky called Tomsk. I've grown up with the opportunity to try out different instruments, which has developed into me releasing my own solo project, 'Grumble Bee' & recently followed into me making an outlet for productions - my own studio, 'Lapwing Studio'.


My debut EP, 'Disconnect' is available now. Produced by Kris Crummett & myself in Portland, USA at Interlace Audio. Kris recorded, mixed, mastered & engineered the 5 tracks, whilst I performed & wrote the songs & instrumentation.


My 2nd EP is a combination of full band tracks & acoustic/piano versions of EP1 & 2, but this time, I recorded, mixed & mastered it myself. I'm very much about pushing whatever is expected of a band/artist & hopefully in doing this, it will inspire other people into believing they're capable of achieving their own goals.


I'm very lucky to be able to write, perform & record music as a career, and I'm doing everything I can to earn the right to do this.

Physical material available from my shop or digitally from iTunes (also available from other online stores)

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Everything on social platforms @GrumbleBeeUK

All live dates - bit.ly/GrumbleBeelive 




General contact/info - GrumbleBeeUK@hotmail.com


Management - bpoliszczuk@theorchard.com

Booking Agency - Mike Dewdney at International Talent Booking - Mike@itb.co.uk

Press (Online/Print publications) - Anna Maslowicz - Anna@ampublicity.net

Radio/TV (Plugger) - Hayley Codd at Public City PR - Hayley@publiccitypr.com

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